Happy Friday to you all, Zumba-chicas.

Since my last update, I’m thrilled to tell you that as ZumbaFunk’s trial there has been so enthusiastically received, Eddie Catz Putney & I have decided to continue with our Zumba classes there, and we’re also talking of increasing the number of classes – so that’s blooming exciting – stay tuned for when the new classes will be.


I’ve also been doing some evening classes at Cupcake in Putney & at Roehampton University on Wednesday evenings (closed class just for students & teachers) and have taken on a Zumba client for personal training twice a week, which is wonderful fun! All keeps me outta trouble…

The only bummer this week is that I was meant to be taking my Zumbatomic certificate today, but the snow & freezing conditions made my journey to Romford at 6am unfeasible – and so I find I have the time at home instead to jot down some words to you! (and the snow’s now melting and sun’s out – hmph!)

We had a wonderful visit from Jess who writes for SouthWest6 online publication, who battled through the middle of rush hour commuter traffic from Oxford Street to try one of our ZumbaFunk classes she’d heard about on Twitter. Jess was great fun, really threw herself into the class and wrote this WONDERFUL review of it here: 'Shaking all over SW6'

This Monday I got my booty shaking (with varying degrees of success) with ZumbaFunk London, at Eddie Catz, Putney.

Zumba derives from Colombian words for "move fast and have fun" and is a really enjoyable and energetic way to burn off some calories, jump about to some really upbeat Latin Pop (Shakira is a firm favourite - I had Waka Waka in my head for days afterwards!) and bust some serious moves.

The classes are led by the irrepressible Rebecca Rogoff, possibly the owner of the widest smile in West London. She was great at getting everybody into the spirit, ensuring we all had fun and crucially encouraging us to keep going and enjoy ourselves even when we knew we looked more Comedy Central than J.Lo. I found some of the routines quite hard to master at first, as you move about pretty quickly. However, there is plenty of repetition and Rebecca was great about verbalising what you needed to be doing so by the end of each track I reckon I'd got the hang of it.

There was a real sense of community in the class. The sessions at Eddie Catz had only been going on about 6 weeks but Rebecca knew all her regulars' names and hobbies. Every detail had been considered: there are jugs and glasses of water for those of us too disorganised to pack a gym bag correctly (I'll put my hand up to that) and at the end of the class we were all treated to a moist scented towel to refresh ourselves after a sweaty workout. Little things like that make all the difference and I was pretty impressed.”  - nice, thanks Jess (and I’m glad you said ‘widest smile’ – not widest something else…!)

SmileMostly, I wanted to update you on just a couple of changes to the timetable for the next couple of weeks – after that it will be Zumba as usual at Eddie Catz, Mondays & Thursdays…

Monday 13th Feb, 7-8pm – NO ZUMBA

Thursday 16th Feb, 9:45-10:30am – YES ZUMBA

Monday 20th Feb, 7-8pm – YES ZUMBA

Thursday 23rd Feb, 9:45-10:30am – NO ZUMBA (Eddie Catz have a fabulous kids workshop on this day so need the studio)

Ok, that’s it for now – don’t hesitate to send me a message here or come visit me at ZumbaFunk,London on Facebook – see you on the dancefloor!

Rebecca x