Yesterday evening, Sunday, ZumbaFunk, London and Eddie Catz teamed up to host a full-on Zumbatomic dance experience for x14 9 & 10 year olds.


The party kicked off with Rebecca & Poppy, of ZumbaFunk, making sure each child was correctly attired with brightly coloured Zumba bracelets & name stickers & then led them in a few Zumba songs.







Birthday gal, Isabella Smile

The kids LOVED it, we loved it & I’m pretty sure the parents loved it too!

Eddie Catz even made a surprise visit & even joined in one of the dances, that cat’s got some serious moves on him!







The children were hot by the end, although were regularly plied with cups of water to cool them down, & were issued with cooling peppermint infused facecloths at the end.

They then got to run around Eddie Catz playzone, followed by supper of pizza, sandwiches, fruit & fresh veg dips surrounded by balloons & party gifts. Puuuurrrfect!

If you’d like a Zumbatomic party with a difference for your little one, call Rebecca at 0203 286 4484 & let ZumbaFunk & Eddie Catz put something really fun together for you.

Alternatively, ZumbaFunk can come to your home if you’d prefer.


Frightening stuff and ‘how so?’, you might ask…

Well, according to the Nick Triggle, Health correspondent for the BBC News:

“The report, published in the Lancet to coincide with the build-up to the Olympics, estimates that about a third of adults are not doing enough physical activity, causing 5.3m deaths a year.

That equates to about one in 10 deaths from diseases such as heart disease, diabetes and breast and colon cancer”

(Full article click here)

It is recommended that we all aim for (at least) 150 minutes of ‘activity’ per week, that’s only 20 minutes a day – doesn’t sound like much, does it? And it’s not, but with so many of us holding down sedentary jobs in front of a computer, perhaps eating lunch & snacks at our desks it’s not surprising and easily forgivable to overlook our 20 minutes dedicated activity a day

It is said that tackling this problem requires a new way of thinking, suggesting the public needed to be warned about the dangers of inactivity rather than just reminded of the benefits of being active.

Interesting point!

Did you know that, according to the British Heart Foundation :

“The average man in the year 2000 was a belt busting 7.7kg heavier than he was in 1986, new research shows.

There were two reasons for the male weight gain, conclude the researchers. This 'Jim Royle generation' ate more calories than men in 1986, and they also did less exercise.”

– ladies, we haven’t done much better…..a report by the health charity Nuffield Health found the average waist measurement for women is almost 5cm larger than the recommended healthy size of less than 80cm. Researchers says it could lead to higher risk of cancer, diabetes and fertility problems. Yikes!

So, what do we know – we know that, generally, we eat & drink too much & we don’t do enough exercise. It’s that simple!

Time to fix it – but how…?

For those at home with kids for the holidays…sunshine

If you’re anything like me, with the long summer holiday upon us, you’ll find the start to the day gets later & later – although I work, I do find that we’re all still in our dressing gowns progressively later & later as each day passes, nursing my tea & dishing out staggered breakfasts to various children. I also (to my own horror) often find myself sitting with my kids watching them annihilate each other on the X-box or watching kids TV – if this is you, this is where we start…..

  • Get OFF the sofa, take your tea with you and go and get ready for the day
  • Depending on the age of your child(ren), check out your local council for activities/adventures to do with your kids, or your local parent’s magazines such as London Mums Magazine or, if you’re in London, Time Out for Kids – look on-line, there’s tons. MAKE A PLAN, PLOT YOUR ROUTE & LEAVE THE CAR – take the train/bus/tube/bike or even walk, turn that journey itself into a grand adventure!
  • Grab the dog, take it for a long ramble with the kids – turn it into a treasure hunt or hide & seek.
  • If you’re still at the playground age, ditch the milky latte and get climbing with the kids on the jungle gym. Show them how it’s really done! You’ll be the hit of the playground!
  • Set up some running races or assault courses and JOIN IN – or even a softball/cricket match at the local park, and play yourself!
  • Housework – sounds dull, I agree, but did you know it really BURNS CALORIES – true! Crank up the tunes, give each child a duster & some polish (I have no idea why, but my kids always wanted to be the keeper of the polish..) – intersperse your cleaning with some crazy dancing – vacuuming also burns a fair amount of calories, so drag that out from under the stairs.
  • If you like GARDENING, that also burns a good chunk of cals and the kids can get involved too! At Homebase or B&Q they sell great kids gardening kits for not a lot of cash – you know how they love to have their own stuff!
  • Walk to the shops with the kids, or cycle, just don’t drive.
  • Try to leave the car as much as you can & use those legs – I know this crummy weather doesn’t help, but it’s truly better for everyone if the car stays at home!
  • Buy a trampoline (Rebounder) (random, I know) from Argos – cheap as chips, easy to store & fab (& fun) exercise while the kids are watching a little TV. Put your music on & bounce, throw in some side-twists, knee-jerks, dance on your trampoline. Kids will love it too! Brilliant exercise!

If you don’t have kids, or if you work away from home:

  • Again, leave the car at home – walk/cycle/tube/bus or train it to work.
  • Don’t be one of those who stand on the right, climb those escalators in the Underground!
  • Don’t eat lunch at your desk – take a walk to the park & eat it there, make sure it’s light & healthy, not burgers & chips (not only bad for your body, but lunch like that will make you sluggish for an afternoon’s work too)
  • Get up & away from your desk periodically through the day, walk around, stretch your legs/arms.
  • Give yourself at least one evening a week to go join a new class or start a new activity – Zumba, Kickboxing, Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates, a gym class, running group, wall climbing, dance class, Ceroc – there are SO many fun things to try, just ask me if you want more ideas.
  • Buy a trampoline (Rebounder) and do that in front of the TV or to some fun music.
  • DANCE like you just don’t care! Just turn up the volume, shut the shutters and DANCE.
  • silhouette20dancing20people







Alternatively, come join a ZumbaFunk dance fitness class. Did you know that, depending on how much you put into it, you can burn up to 1000 calories per hour doing Zumba? Here’s are a couple of little dance videos we made recently, one of which is of our class at Eddie Catz Putney – click here: Zumba Burlesque, click here! If you’d like to know more about how to get involved, please call me on 02032864484.

I’m crazy about all this stuff & it’s important. Don’t burn out on the boring routines, find stuff you love & enjoy & that you’ll stick with. Try something new. Don’t wait for your friends to join in with you, just jump in!

I do hope this is helpful, if you have any thoughts or suggestion, or maybe you have some questions, just add a comment & I’ll get back to you.

Happy days to you all, Rebecca x

It's been a while since I last wrote to you all, my apologies - been rather busy with classes, gaining my Zumbatomic certificate, looking after the kids, etc... but my Zumba blog is never too far from my mind, so here I am with a brilliant offer... I'm bringing Zumbatomic (Zumba for kids) to Putney in September and to launch this and to show you and your little ones what it's all about, I'm hosting a FREE class next Monday at Eddie Catz, Putney at 4pm - 4:45pm. Booking is essential, so please send me a message via this site and let me know if you'd like to come along. Lovely little Twitter message from our of our regular Zumba ladies - thank you Ali5 x

In February I was invited by London Mums Magazine to interview Beto Perez & Gina Grant at the ZIN (Zumba Instructors Network) Convention in London – what a treat, and an honour!

London Mums magazine is a fabulous on-line and hard-copy magazine catering specifically for ‘mums on the go’, whether they’re working full-time, part-time or not, with it’s finger firmly on the pulse. Monica, it’s editor, is hungry for information and news which is pertinent to London Mums readers and doesn’t fail to consistently provide.

An exert of our interview with Beto….

London Mums at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference with Zumba programme creator Beto Perez (1)

Rebecca: Hi Beto, our readers would love to know what’s next for Zumba®?

Beto: Next, we have many many plans! We have just launched Zumba Sentao (dancing using a chair as a prop). London is holding the first training of this, but this is a process, it takes one or two years for the program to take form. We have plans to support more of the speciality programs and also our other new project in Zumba® is to launch new (musical) artists. We already work with established artists but feel we can use the Zumba platform to promote new artists such as Mara from Colombia who’s music we already use in Zumba®.

This project is very personal to me because I love music.

Rebecca: Do you still give classes yourself?

Beto: Yes! I teach my classes when I’m in Miami, 2 or 3 regular classes. For me, it’s important to teach classes, to retain contact with the people. I love this.

6Rebecca: How about Zumba® for kids?

Beto: Yes, we have a program Zumbatomic® for kids. We try to provide exercise in a fun way. We are also working on a new program providing Zumba® for mums and babies using drums This is new, we’re working on this project. We don’t have a name yet.

Rebecca: What other sports do you enjoy? Tennis? Golf?

Beto: I love sports. I love soccer but I don’t play because I work with my legs. I need to be careful. But I have my personal training and I run on South Beach. But I do all my Zumba® programs, I dance about 4 hours per day. But I’m 41 and I think I’m doing ok!

Rebecca: Do you do yoga or anything else to balance out the cardio?

Beto: I need to do more yoga, or stretching, because my body really needs it right now.

Yoga and Zumba® have a special connection. Before, exercise classes consisted of ‘step’ classes, weights, kick boxing – now I think there’s a new way of aerobics: Zumba®, yoga, Pilates – it’s a new age.

More fun, more spirituality, more feeling.

Before, the message was ‘no pain, no gain’ – no, for me it’s “ have fun, you see results”. The most important thing for us in Zumba® is to have fun. Smile. If you smile in a positive way, you body answers in a positive way – cosmic equation. People don’t come to a Zumba® class just to lose weight, they come to have fun! After the class, I often have people telling me “Beto, I don’t need to have a coffee, after (the class) I have energy for the whole day”.

Rebecca: Beto, I know you’re busy and have a tight schedule London Mums interviews Zumba programme creator Beto Perez at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference at ExCel London (3)today, but before you go, can I ask you a few quick one word questions?

Beto: (big smile) sure!

Rebecca: Baseball or American Football?

Beto: (long thoughtful pause) American Football

Rebecca: Ok, American Football or British soccer?

Beto: (no pause at all!) British soccer of course! No really, I love that!

Rebecca: finally.. blondes or brunettes

Beto: (stunned silence, than laughs) I love them all!


For the full article and video of our chat with Beto and Gina’s demonstration of Zumbatomic, please click on this link London Mums Magazine, interview & video with Beto Perez

Well, to start at the very beginning, what does 'Zumba®' mean?

Nothing, actually. It's a sound, a feeling, a wild sensation. It's a mixture of hot Latin rhythms, moving to a Tumbao beat. It's new music, movement, dancing. It's Montuno, Boogaloo, Salsa, Reggaeton, Cumbia & Merengue all rolled into one delectable package.

Pronounced "Zooomba". Go on, say it - slowly. Let it fill you up & fall seductively from your mouth – do you see what I mean?

"Zooooooooomba"..............Oh yeh!

But the word ‘Zumba®' is derived from a Colombian word that means ‘to move fast & have fun' and I think that pretty much hits the nail on the head!

It's a fast, fun dance-fitness workout that was brought to America by one Alberto 'Beto' Perez, a Colombian dancer, in the early 1990s and then bundled up in bright packaging and lovingly sent over to us here in the UK.

London Mums interviews Zumba programme creator Beto Perez at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference at ExCel London (1)

Rebecca of ZumbaFunk, London meeting with Alberto ‘Beto' Perez, 2012

It is now enjoyed in over 125 countries by more than 12 million people every single week! Wowza! And with very good reason…

  • Between 500-1000 calories can be burned in a 1 hour Zumba class. Cripes!
  • Zumba® mixes high-cardio with muscle toning for incredible results.
  • It's fun!
  • It's social!
  • No previous experience required.
  • With the various Zumba® programs offered, Zumba® is truly accessible to everyone!

Zumba® brings dance and fitness together in a wonderfully dynamic union and because of this, every instructor delivers a different style of class – some more focused on the dance, some more on the fitness, but with over 30,000 registered instructors, you're guaranteed to find a handful you love who'll float your boat and boogie you into shape without you even noticing!


Personally, I've always been passionate about dance & fitness. I've enjoyed my fair share of ballet, Greek, tap, Ceroc, jazz & even disco dancing lessons over the years, I've been a wall climber, tennis instructor, event cyclist and runner and so, when I threw myself into my first Zumba® class on a whim approximately a year and a half ago, I was immediately smitten. Everything I'm bonkers about seemed to come together. Not only was the class a ludicrous amount of fun, I was loving the impact it was having on my body.

For a woman, dance creates elegant lines, strong yet feminine muscles and improves general posture. We tend to hold our heads a little higher and our backs a little straighter. I have met so many fabulous women who have managed to lose unwelcome kilos and develop muscles through Zumba® they didn't even know they had and the best part of all is the beaming smile that, honestly, seems to be a constant theme with every single Zumba® dancer.

Now, that's what floats MY boat!

To me, exercise shouldn't just be about trying to get into a bikini or summer dress now that winter's behind us & the sun's shining, although I won't deny that is, without a doubt, a common & important incentive – but exercise should be a way of life and I don't subscribe to the notion that it should be painful or hard work.

It shouldn't be a competition either, we all have different body shapes and we should be striving to achieve what suits us. We really don't need to waste energy beating ourselves up by comparing our bodies with our friends or airbrushed magazine models – no, instead we need to find that comfortable shape & size that works for each of us – that's what's attractive, confidence & comfort in our own body.

I believe we should all find activities in our lives that we find fun, workouts that make us smile and teach us something new in the process. Cross-training is important: running in the park, cycling along the river, joining a sporting team perhaps – and, at only 1 hour a class, Zumba® can easily be squeezed in to our busy schedules to provide an all-over body sculpt. It also opens a big, colourful door to a wonderful, infectious and happy community of like-minded folk & new friends. It's a Zumba® party train. If you love meeting new people, come on your own, many do, if you feel a little more self-conscious, grab a friend and bring them along – trust me, they'll thank you for it afterwards!

Remember, stepping out of our comfort-zone by trying something new is good for both the mind & the soul. Come on, give it a go! I promise you'll be welcomed with open arms & will leave grinning!

See you in the Zumba® zone – love Rebecca x

London Mums interviews Zumba programme creator Beto Perez at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference at ExCel London (1)

Rebecca of ZumbaFunk, London (representing London Mums magazine) meeting with the inspirational (and really rather charming) Beto Perez, creator of all things Zumba®.

London Mums interviews Zumba programme creator Beto Perez at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference at ExCel London (2)

Hello lovely Zumba folk


I was lucky enough to be invited by London Mums Magazine to the Zumba Convention at the Excel designed for Zumba Instructors, I was on a mission: to interview the inspirational Alberto ‘Beto’ Perez, creator of Zumba and one of his gorgeous dancers (she really DOES look that amazing) Gina Grant.

London Mums at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference with Zumba programme creator Beto Perez (2)

Monica (London Mums, Beto Perez (Zumba), Rebecca Rogoff (ZumbaFunk, London)

Fabulous day, lots of fab photos here and more coming – including a video of some of the dance workshops and my interview with Beto.

Of course, to produce something fabulous for you all to read and watch takes a bit of time, so bear with me, but just as a taster, here are some photos…1






Gina Grant leading a Zumbatomic taster session at the UK's first Zumba Instructor Conference at ExCel London


Back from skiing, ready to ZUMBA!

20 Feb 2012 In:

Hi all,


I received a gorgeous tweet this morning from one of our Zumbachicas announcing that she NEEDED Zumba tonight. I know exactly how she feels Smile

So, I’m back and ready to dance the evening away tonight, 7pm at Eddie Catz Putney, truly can’t wait to see you all!

Eddie Catz and I are also talking about taking the Mums & Babies class to Wimbledon and increasing evening class times in Putney, which is very exciting news! Stay tuned….

Zumba Peace







Don’t forget that just for this week there’s no Zumba on Thursday (23rd Feb) morning as Eddie Catz have some fabulous children’s workshop already booked into their disco studio, unless anyone has a sitting room large enough and fancies hosting in return for a free class?

See you tonight lovely ones x

Latest & Greatest #Zumba news update!

10 Feb 2012 In:

Happy Friday to you all, Zumba-chicas.

Since my last update, I’m thrilled to tell you that as ZumbaFunk’s trial there has been so enthusiastically received, Eddie Catz Putney & I have decided to continue with our Zumba classes there, and we’re also talking of increasing the number of classes – so that’s blooming exciting – stay tuned for when the new classes will be.


I’ve also been doing some evening classes at Cupcake in Putney & at Roehampton University on Wednesday evenings (closed class just for students & teachers) and have taken on a Zumba client for personal training twice a week, which is wonderful fun! All keeps me outta trouble…

The only bummer this week is that I was meant to be taking my Zumbatomic certificate today, but the snow & freezing conditions made my journey to Romford at 6am unfeasible – and so I find I have the time at home instead to jot down some words to you! (and the snow’s now melting and sun’s out – hmph!)

We had a wonderful visit from Jess who writes for SouthWest6 online publication, who battled through the middle of rush hour commuter traffic from Oxford Street to try one of our ZumbaFunk classes she’d heard about on Twitter. Jess was great fun, really threw herself into the class and wrote this WONDERFUL review of it here: 'Shaking all over SW6'

This Monday I got my booty shaking (with varying degrees of success) with ZumbaFunk London, at Eddie Catz, Putney.

Zumba derives from Colombian words for "move fast and have fun" and is a really enjoyable and energetic way to burn off some calories, jump about to some really upbeat Latin Pop (Shakira is a firm favourite - I had Waka Waka in my head for days afterwards!) and bust some serious moves.

The classes are led by the irrepressible Rebecca Rogoff, possibly the owner of the widest smile in West London. She was great at getting everybody into the spirit, ensuring we all had fun and crucially encouraging us to keep going and enjoy ourselves even when we knew we looked more Comedy Central than J.Lo. I found some of the routines quite hard to master at first, as you move about pretty quickly. However, there is plenty of repetition and Rebecca was great about verbalising what you needed to be doing so by the end of each track I reckon I'd got the hang of it.

There was a real sense of community in the class. The sessions at Eddie Catz had only been going on about 6 weeks but Rebecca knew all her regulars' names and hobbies. Every detail had been considered: there are jugs and glasses of water for those of us too disorganised to pack a gym bag correctly (I'll put my hand up to that) and at the end of the class we were all treated to a moist scented towel to refresh ourselves after a sweaty workout. Little things like that make all the difference and I was pretty impressed.”  - nice, thanks Jess (and I’m glad you said ‘widest smile’ – not widest something else…!)

SmileMostly, I wanted to update you on just a couple of changes to the timetable for the next couple of weeks – after that it will be Zumba as usual at Eddie Catz, Mondays & Thursdays…

Monday 13th Feb, 7-8pm – NO ZUMBA

Thursday 16th Feb, 9:45-10:30am – YES ZUMBA

Monday 20th Feb, 7-8pm – YES ZUMBA

Thursday 23rd Feb, 9:45-10:30am – NO ZUMBA (Eddie Catz have a fabulous kids workshop on this day so need the studio)

Ok, that’s it for now – don’t hesitate to send me a message here or come visit me at ZumbaFunk,London on Facebook – see you on the dancefloor!

Rebecca x

Good morning Zumbalinas,

Well, wow, what a week it’s been !

The atmosphere at last night’s ZumbaFunk at EddieCatz, Putney was simply electric – a full class of smiling, happy dancing gals, we had a top workout, it really was fun. The music pumped, bodies moved beautifully, the disco lights seemed to flash even more brightly than usual – thank you all for making it fantastic!

I received a wonderful write-up in London Mums Magazine - Zumba Queen with fab photos of me & my boys and the short account of my colourful journey to becoming a Zumba instructor. Thank you to Monica at London Mums for being so generous with her words and for coming to my Zumba classes with her little one.

To top it all, when I got home last night I opened an email from Dance Teacher Magazine telling me that my video of El Amor, El Amor won Dance Video of the Month and they’re interviewing lil’ ol’ me at 2pm today for an article on ZumbaFunk which will appear in April’s edition – holy cow!

My poor children didn’t hear the last of this….

Now, I find with all this Zumbalicious behaviour, my skin can go bonkers and my hair (as it has be be washed every day) can really suffer – it’s important not to neglect these hard-working areas while we work the rest of our body to streamlined perfection!

At the end of the class, I offer my class dampened, cool face-cloths which have been infused with Melvita Organic ‘Eau Micellaire’ – this is a moisturizing, cleansing tonic which I add to the water & is specifically for sensitive skin. I’ve been using this after a hot workout for myself for ages as I think it’s really important to clean the skin of perspiration as quickly as you can with something that’s not going to then dry it out.


I usually carry a pot of a basic moisturizer as well, such as Nivea, just as extra protection for my skin.

As all this cleaning can play havoc on your face, especially in this weather, I also swear by Clarin’s Capital Lumiere Serum, it’s texture is gorgeous & it really does make a difference. I’ve been a devotee of serum for a long time in the endless battle of fighting the signs of ageing and I really love this one!

Don’t forget to give the same love & attention to your decolletage!

The other area I find problematic due to over-washing is my crazy hair! I actually have mad curls, although I just a look at a brush and the curls fall out – what this means is that I suffer ‘the frizz’. I’ve tried everything, spent a fortune on products, leave-ins, conditions mixed with leave-ins, oils, serums, de-frizzing shampoos and then..then I discovered something quite magical.. Moroccan Oil. Oh boy, words are not enough to explain what a difference this has made – a little in your hair after washing (..and conditioning!), dry your hair and then, if needed add a little more.

Moroccan oil 

If this stuff can smooth and tame my looney hair, it can tame anyones!

All these products can be found (and aren’t horrifically expensive) at The Putney Exchange, although I’m sure they’re easy to find elsewhere.

Take care & see you on the dancefloor!

Rebecca xx

Dance yourself fit with ZumbaFunk


more stuff coming soon...